Note from our Founder

Helping People after Times of Disaster

I am Leon Green, 71 years old, and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Disaster Helping Hands.  I am an Honorably Discharged Retired Air Force MSgt. with 24 ½ years of continuous active service.  After retiring, I became self employed selling Office Supplies, Computer Supplies and later, became involved in Vending. My source of income is my Military Retirement, Social Security and Income from my small Supply business.

 God has blessed me in so many ways in which good health is just one.  This blessing, at this point in my life, has enabled me to pursue my desires to help others by serving or giving back to our community or society in a manner that gives me personal fulfillment.

All of us have gifts or talents that can be shared, regardless of age, in making our communities a better place to live during normal times or after disasters.  I have selected the area following Disasters as my area of work.  This could be a disaster at a personal level; such as, a Family’s House Fire or a Community following a Tornados, Massive Grass Fires, Floods, Hurricanes or similar events.  This is the area that I have selected to work and I NEED YOUR HELP IN COMPLETING OUR PROJECT.

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