Help Us Build Our Own Office & Storage Space

Helping People after Times of Disaster

We are presently raising funds for the construction of our own 9000 (60×150) Square Feet combined Office and Storage Space.  We have been using donated space to perform our mission.  Our Temporary Situation has grown into 5 years without an Office and with Limited Storages Space.  Not knowing when we will be asked to vacate the space creates instability and hampers our ability to serve the community during crisis. 

 In 2009, we began our project to secure our building and make long term plans to become Self Sustaining in our effort to provide a seriously needed service and jobs in our community.  All of which must be done in stages.  Our Goal is to raise $600,000.00 for the construction our new Office and Storage Building.

 We have completed Phase 1 by reaching our initial Goal of raising $150,000.00.  As of December 31, 2012, we raised $171,995.00 with $139,662.00 in the bank and No Debts