societal changes

Significant changes are occurring within our society, which are profoundly affecting the Financial Base and the ability of Local Governments and Non-Profit Agencies to assist Victims of Disasters. With the completion and availability of our facility with its mission as a Resource, it would be a tremendous asset to our community in assisting Victims or other Communities. In collaboration with the Red Cross of Wichita Falls Texas, we have help those in need by giving them major household items needed in re-establishing their lives to some degree of normalcy when they are least likely to help themselves financially or emotionally

Area preparation. 

Receiving and Loading Area

Water Problems following  Rain

Typical scene following an average rain storm. Steps were taken to route the flow of water away from the foundation and road way prior to our Concrete Project. However, conditions like this still prevented us from receiving Donations and helping Victims until the areas affected became dry enough to prevent getting stuck.

Loading Area

When it rains 1″, our roof produces approximately  5600 gal. of water. This created a major inconvenience when we were receiving donated items or while assisting Disaster Victims. Getting stuck in mud for several days was common. This same mud was as hard as a rock when dry. The On-Property Concrete Project resolved  that problem among others.

End view of exist building 

Processing Area

This is the Entrance for processing all Donations and assistance to approved Victims when the area is dry.

Concrete Construction Project

This is the beginning of our On-Property Concrete Construction Project involving the Driveway Expansion, Foyer, Parking Lot, On-Property Roadways, Ramps to improve accessibility to the building at  any time and the lengthening of the existing Office/Storage Building Foundation by 50 feet for future expansion.

This was previously unused land for many years without an entrance way from the passing road on to the 10.77 Acres section we purchased.  When the reddish soil was dry, it was hard as a rock.  However, when it became wet following a rain storm, our vehicles got stuck.  This temporarily brought our overall operation to a stand stll, waiting sometimes for days for the soil to dry.