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Societal Changes

Significant changes are occurring within our society, which is profoundly affecting the Financial Base and the ability of Local Governments and Non-Profit Agencies to assist Victims of Disasters. With the completion and availability of our facility with its mission as a Resource, it would be a tremendous asset to our community in assisting Victims or other Communities. In collaboration with the Red Cross of Wichita Falls Texas, we have help those in need by giving them major household items needed in re-establishing their lives to some degree of normalcy when they are least likely to help themselves financially or emotionally.

Disaster Assistance

Long Term Plans for our organization includes a Self-Sustaining Project, which is not being considered at this time. Our goal is to construct an Aquaponic Facility using land that we currently own. That Facility would permit us to grow Plants and Aquatic life. Products produced would be sold to help finance our operation and provide jobs.

2013 – Year of Major Tornados, Natural, and Man-made Disaster

  •   City of West, Texas – Fertilizer Explosion – One Trip w/3 ea 26 Footer U-Haul Trucks

2012 – Year of Hurricanes and Flooding

  • Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana – Hurricane Isaac – One Trip w/ 2 ea 24 Footer U-Haul Trucks.

2011 – Year of Major Tornados

  •  Joplin, Missouri – Tornado – One Trip w/2 ea 24 Foot U-Haul
  • Youth Opportunity Center – Donated Major Appliances following a Fire

2010 – No Major Disasters

  • Boys and Girls Club – 26 Computer Systems donated for Children Home Usage 
  • Faith Mission – Donated Appliances (Washers and Dryers) for Client usage

2009 – Year of Major Tornados and Grass Fire

  • Lon Grove, Oklahoma – Tornado – One Trip w/2 ea 24 Foot U-Hauls, (1 Truck w/a 20 Foot Trailer.)
  • Montague County-Bowie, Texas – Massive Grass Fire – One Trip, 2 ea 24 Foot U-Hauls, (1ea w/20 Foot Trailer)
  • Boys and Girls Club – 40 Computer Systems donated for Children Home Usage

2008 – Year of Floods and Tornados

  •  Pine Bluff, Arkansas (Dropped off one Truckload of items for “Stuttgart Arkansas” Tornado Victims. No storage space available at the time – One Trip May 08
  • Stuttgart, Arkansas – Dropped off One Truckload w/Trailer of items for Tornado Victims – One Trip – June 08
  • Wichita Falls, Texas – Mini Flood. Assisted 17 Families with more than 9 Tons of Furniture and Appliances.

2007 – Year of Major Floods and Hurricanes

  • Lawton, Oklahoma – One trip
  • Duncan, Oklahoma – Flood – One Trip w/ Trailer
  • Gainesville, Texas – Flood – One Trip
  • Wichita Falls, Texas – Major Flood. Twelve Trips (Over 20 Tons)
  • King Fisher, Oklahoma – Flood – “Hurricane Aaron” – Two Trips, One w/Trailer
  • Watonga, Oklahoma – Flood – “Hurricane Aaron” – One Trip

 2006 – Year of Major Grass Fires

  •  Ringgold, Texas – Grass Fire – Eight Trips and 1 w/Trailer – Our First Mission
  • Central, Oklahoma – Grass Fire – Three Trips
  • Fox Oklahoma – Grass Fire – Five Trips
  • Comanche and Duncan Oklahoma – Grass Fire – Three Trips w/Trailer

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