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Helping Families in Time of Disaster.

Welcome to Disaster Helping Hands Website. Please see what we do and offer our community in time of Disaster.


We provide
solutions for victims in  disaster needs!

Disaster Helping Hands, a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit, is dedicated to helping Individuals, Families or Communities within a reasonable distance, following Natural or Man-made Disasters when Supplies and Conditions permits. We collaborate with the Red Cross in our effort. Families donate their Appliances and Furniture Items to us with the understanding that we do not sell these items as a source of Income. The items are stored in preparation for Disasters.


The primary mission of Disaster Helping Hand, Inc. Is to provide assistance to families after disasters.

Provided appliances and furniture to the victims of floods, fires, and tornadoes
in the north texas, and southern oklahoma area.

Step “ONE”

 Exhaust your resource and support from Red Cross, then get a CASE NUMBER from Red Cross.

Step “TWO”

Contact Disaster Helping Hands’ LEON GREEN with your Case Number that was given to you form Red Cross. Set up an appointment for Disaster Helping Hands to come and assess the disaster.


Step “THREE”

Drive a vehicle to Disaster Helping Hand location to pick up resources.

CONNECT WITH Disaster Helping Hands


Mail to:
P.O. Box 1891 
Wichita Falls, Texas 76307 

EMAIL: mrsgreen940@gmial.com

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our victum of a disaster say:

As a Red Cross volunteer, I helped many local fire victims in the immediate aftermath of their disaster. Most were living in rental property and had no insurance. We have the pleasure of being able to refer our clients to Disaster Helping Hand to assist in replacing furniture, appliances and household items needed to rebuild their lives. Mr. Leon Green, who is the founder and head of this local non profit organization works tirelessly in his mission to help those who suffer losses due to disaster. He is the real thing. His mission is to help those recover their lives when they suffer from a disaster. He accepts donations of these household items and distributes them to the disaster victims. This is a local, homegrown organization that is working hard to help those in need and deserves the support of the people in the community. I personally give at every opportunity because I feel the first priority is to help at home.


Red Cross Volunteer

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